VoIP Phone Systems in Vaughan & Toronto

Simplify your communications with a modern phone system

Your traditional PBX phone system has served you well. In all likelihood, it's already paid for. So you have a certain incentive to stick with it. That may seem like a safe choice on the surface. After all, changing your communications systems is a significant undertaking and entails a certain amount of risk. However, it may be far riskier to stay with an out-of-date and underperforming on-premises PBX. Contact us to learn more about why so many businesses in Toronto are switching to VoIP phone systems.

voip phone systems

Reasons to Switch from Traditional PBX to a VoIP Phone System:

Features of VoIP Phone Systems:

Simple, Streamlined, and Secure.

VoIP phone systems can look just like a regular landline, they are more secure, and can be used anywhere that has an ethernet connection.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice-over-Internet-Protocol. It is a much more effective and reliable way to communicate with each other. This gets rid of landlines and instead uses your existing internet connection.

Not only does it keep all the same features that would come with a traditional landline, you have even more added flexibility and options that come with it.

As leaders in business technology and corporate solutions, Wired for the Future prides itself on suggesting cutting edge solutions including phone systems support for dental practices that allow your business to grow and work effectively. That’s why we suggest ditching your old and outdated phone lines and adapting to VoIP. We provide VoIP phone systems in Vaughan, Toronto and in surrounding GTA cities.

How does VoIP work?

Any form of communication involves signals, and there are two types: Analog, and digital. Analog signals are continuous signals, whereas digital signals are chopped up into tiny pieces. 

Everything on a computer is a digital signal, and that means that analog signals (your voice) get converted into a digital signal, compresses it, and then sends it over a secured broadband connection.

If you have high-speed internet connection—which any successful business has—you can begin to use VoIP. 

You need an expert, stop wasting time.

Save your money and time on technology. You need an expert when it comes to managing your IT. Let us show you what responsive, reliable and accountable IT Support looks like. Contact Wired for the Future for VoIP phone systems in Toronto, Vaughan & surrounding GTA cities.