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Office 365 Management Made Easy

Office 365 Reporting can be made easy with the use of Admin Droid, it is the leading Office 365 solution provider. Creating user friendly IT products that are useful in countless scenarios. AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter tool is a staple product that comes with over 950 statistics reports and auditing reporting features. Some included are report customization, dashboards, scheduling and many more. Easy to setup, high end reporting features, non-admin delegation and no patience required. This tool will manage your entire infrastructure in Office 365.

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AdminDroid Now Adds Support for Managing Multiple Office 365 Tenants in a Single Portal

Office 365 users have the ability to access one or more tenants with the use of multi-tenant management. Functionalities such as these will provide an advantage for MSP, CSP, Microsoft Partners and organizations with more than one tenant.

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